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    Before you can train at Arte Suave, you MUST make a booking and fill in a Waiver form. If you are new you MUST also book your first class with us before you come in so that your first visit is efficient. Due to Covid 19 we can no longer accept walk ins.

    Please read our Covid procedure and basic academy rules below.

    All Arte Suave members are registered with Mindbody Connect and are assigned a username and password. We use this to track class attendance. If you have any questions about the Mindbody application let us know.

    Current Timetable as of June 17, 2021:

    When you arrive, including Covid-19 requirements:
    • You must wear a mask off the mats. You do not need to wear a mask while training.
    • Please get here at least 15 minutes early. Please note if you arrive late you may not be able to join the class.  
    • Make sure you have filled in your waiver at home, you will not have an opportunity to do so before class.
    • Wait at the front desk to be temperature checked, and checked in.
    • Sanitise your hands.
    • Please practice social distancing before you get on the mats.  
    • Wipe your feet before you get on the mats.    
    Basic academy rules:
    • Off the mats shoes, no bare feet off the mats, on the mats NO shoes, if you go off the mats without shoes you MUST wipe your feet. Bring thongs to wear.  The white mats and the yoga room are the only areas you can be barefoot on. If you go to the bathroom without shoes you will not be permitted back on the mats. If you come in barefoot you will not be allowed on the mats.
    • You must wear a rashguard or singlet under your Gi.
    • Your attire (Gi & No Gi) must be clean. Your Gi must be washed after every training session.
    • No sleeveless shirts, crop tops, etc and shorts with pockets for No Gi.
    • No buttons or zippers anywhere.
    • Mobile Phones on silent. Unless approved by the teacher.
    • Nails must be cut short. No bright colored nail polish unless shellac (it will rub off on our white mats) or hair products in your hair (it will rub off on your training partners).
    • Remove ALL jewelry before training. Or tape it.
    • If you are injured, you must let the teacher know and you train at your own risk.

    7 DAY TRIAL Check us out: very close to city