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Arte Suave BJJ Academy

We have over 100sqm of BJJ mat, a Yoga room, Indoor Climbing facility and Primal Conditioing / Personal Training area and separate male and female change rooms, bathrooms and showers.

The Mat: 116m2

Primal Conditioning Area

The Gym: A fully realized functional training area, including monkey bars, kettlebells, medicine balls, parallel bars, boxing bag, squat rack and reverse hyper. We have two great coaches, Sasha and Piers, who can formulate a strategy to suit your individual needs.

Gravity Room

Gravity Roomis our custom designed rock climbing room with varying levels of difficulty, slope and grips.  The course incorporates many different types of challenges from overhangs to steep climbs designed to generate grip and core strength, to develop coordination and agility and overall body strength.  There are thick foam mattresses for safety.

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio


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