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  • Why Join Arte Suave

    Our Community

    The Arte Suave community is an extensive mix of cultures, languages, and learning all bound by the shared values of kindness, social connection, team work, and healthy competition.

    Whether you’re seeking a safe and inclusive space to embark on your BJJ journey or aiming to refine your skills under the guidance of our renowned instructors, Arte Suave is the ideal destination for you.

  • Why Join Arte Suave

    Our Trainers

    The team at Arte Suave is a mosaic of diversity and passion, comprising of several unique coaches, from all over the world, each bringing their distinct expertise and personality to our community. Our coaches are as varied as they are skilled, enriching the Arte Suave experience with their individual backgrounds and approaches to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

    United by a focus on sportsmanship, humility, and discipline both on and off the mats, the Arte Suave team represents the core of our advantage. This multifaceted coaching staff not only enhances the learning experience but also embodies the inclusive and dynamic spirit of Arte Suave.

  • Why Join Arte Suave

    Our Facilities

    Arte Suave integrates various complementary services to elevate individual health and performance. These include the Bulletproof for BJJ program, bouldering, personalized training, yoga and private lessons.

    The Academy’s expansive facilities, covering over 650 square meters, include three distinct mat areas, a weights area, retail store, bouldering space, resident physiotherapist plus a communal lounge area.

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    Enjoy unlimited access to our gym facilities.
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    Learn from experienced Black Belts.
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    Exclusive Programs

    Gain free access to the Bulletproof BJJ program.
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    Superstar Guests

    Enjoy discounts and early bird access to AS Seminars.

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