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    Our Team

    Anker Fuglsang








    Professor Anker Fuglsang – 2nd degree black belt – Head Coach

    Anker has trained in several martial arts including Viet Vo Dao and Hapkido. He began BJJ in 1997 and received his black belt in 2011. We call Anker our encyclopaedia of Jiu Jitsu, he brings with him 20 years of Jiu Jitsu study from all over the world, most of which he had to seek without modern luxuries like the internet. Anker also loves hot chocolate, Korean Fried Chicken, loves tinkering with languages and his favourite comic book character is The Punisher.

    BJJ Instructor

    1993 – 1997 Viet Vo Dao – Vietnamese
    1977 BJJ in Tasmania under Billy Burton.
    2001 – 2003 Korea, got his 2nd black belt in Hapkido.
    2003 – 2005 Started training under Minol Tavares Tutida under the Oswaldo Fadda lineage. In 2005 Minol moved back to Japan.
    2005 Tasmania State Champion.
    2006 & 2007 Queensland State Champion.
    2005 to present Brisbane – Garra BJJ – Eduardo Dias (under Roberto Traven of the Rolls Gracie lineage).
    2008 (3 months) USA – trained under Leo Viera & Ricardo Feliciano – Checkmat La Habra – Orange County.
    2008 (3 months) Brazil – Akxe BJJ Alliance.
    2009 (3 months) Brazil – Akxe, Fightzone (Ricardo Viera, Checkmat).
    2011 (3 months) USA – The Jiu Jitsu League, Atos Longbeach – Kevin Howell.
    2011 Black Belt under Eduardo Dias.
    2012 (6 months) Brazil – Barbosa Jiu Jitsu B9 – Marcos Barbosa.

    Professor Uroš Čulić – Black Belt – Competition Coach

    Uroš has been very athletic all of his life, starting off with water polo from the age of 5, then wrestling for 4 years and finally with BJJ since 2007. Uroš’ classes are full of energy and his patience and desire to get the knowledge and motivation into his students are his best assets. Uroš prefers black tea however has an incredible sweet tooth and loves Woody Allen movies.

    2018May – ADCC Australia Heavyweight Champion Gold, Open weight Bronze
    2018April – Coffs Harbour Invitational Heavyweight Superfight Tournament Champion
    2018April – Grow Strong MMA tournament Superfight Champion
    2018February – Grappling Industries Sydney – No Gi Absolute Champion, Silver medal in Gi
    2018January – Grappling Industries Brisbane – No Gi Absolute Champion, Gi absolute Champion
    2017 – Bronze Medal in the United World Wrestling European Championships, Azerbaijan
    2017 – Silver Medal in the United World Wrestling European Championships, Serbia
    2017 – Author for BJJ Eastern Europe, www.bjjee.com
    2016 – Black Belt under Ricardo Vieira at Fightzone in Rio
    2016 – Graduated Manager – Graduation exam theme – Ultimate Fighting Championship
    paradigm of sport management – University of Belgrade, Metropolitan University, Department of Sports Management
    2015 – Brown Belt Abu Dhabi qualifier for UAEJJF World Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship
    2015 – Brown Belt UAEJJF Serbia National Pro Jiu-Jitsu qualifier Champion
    2014 – Brown Belt IBJJF Rome Open Champion
    2014 – Brown Belt Bronze Medal – IBJJF European Championship, Portugal
    2013 – Gold (Gi) and bronze (No-gi) at the European Championships in FILA grappling – Hungary
    2013 – Certified Operating Coach in Wrestling – University of Belgrade, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education
    2012 – Gold (Gi) at FILA World Championships in grappling – Poland
    2012 – deserving athlete of Serbia – best sportsman in all sports related FILA for the year
    2012 – Brown Belt
    2012 – Purple Belt Silver Medal – IBJJF European Championship
    2012 – Began Coaching BJJ
    2009 – Purple Belt
    2007 – Blue Belt
    2007 – Began Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Jovan Zerial – Black Belt under Fernando Pinduka, Zerijal Team.
    2003 – 2006 – Wrestling – Zeleznicar, Belgrade








    Steven Wade – Brown Belt – Adults & Kids Coach

    Steve is a mixed bag of BJJ, Jiu Jitsu and MMA. He began learning and coaching BJJ in 2012 and his conceptual approach is what has helped him move so quickly in the ranks of Jiu Jitsu. He shares this approach in his classes focusing more on helping his students understand the concepts behind each technique.

    Steve’s coffee goes with his moods so can vary from cold brew to mocha, his favourite board game is Machi Koro and he has a dog that weighs 50kg.

    2012 – Began Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , also began coaching Mixed Martial Arts at MAQ
    2013 – Began coaching Japanese Jujitsu
    2014 – Received BJJ blue belt under Matthew Cugola (Vince Perry, Machado)
    2014 – Opened his own personal training space (Leg Lock Laboratories) and began bringing in his own training partners and clients to coach (Caio Terra style)
    2015 – Received BJJ purple belt under Bruno Lemos and Alliance Jjitsu 2015 – began coaching at Gamebred Academy
    2016 – Received BJJ brown belt under Professor Anker Fuglsang and Jeremy Juhas
    2016 – Head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach at Corporate Box.
    2016 – Began coaching at Arte Suave


    Professor Nic Barker – Black Belt – Adults & Kids Coach

    Nic is a born teacher, his passion for Jiu Jitsu extends into refereeing and is one of the organizers of Grappling Industries, an international competition. Nic is our problem solver, he lets his students lead his classes by helping them solve their BJJ problems. His laid back and conceptual approach are a great combination in helping his students reach their goals.

    Nic loves his latte’s, is addicted to tailored suits and used to be a chef.

    Began Jiu Jitsu and began teaching Jiu Jitsu
    2010 Blue Belt under Peter de been
    2010 Sports Medicine Australia Level 2 Sports Trainer
    2010 NCAS (National Coaching Accreditation Scheme) Coaching Accreditation
    2010 Netball Australia Umpire 2010 Basketball Victoria Coaching Certificate
    2010 Basketball Victoria Referee 2010 AFL Coach
    2010 AFL Umpire 2010 AASC Community Coach Training Program
    2011 Purple Belt under Peter De been
    2011 Diploma of Sports Development
    2013 Brown Belt under Kit Dale Accredited referee under IBJJF and Grappling Industries








    Emanuela D’Annibale – Purple Belt – Adults & Kids Coach – Yoga teacher

    Emanuela D’Annibale, sole and managing director of Arte Suave, is an entrepreneur who successfully built and ran a promotions and marketing business for over 13 years. Her passion for martial arts, fitness, personal development, and motivating people to achieve their best, is what led her to create Arte Suave. 

    She began her yoga in 2000 under Deborah Carey-Burrows and martial arts journey in 2002 with Xsing Yi, under Dr Fei Wang, since this time she has added to her repertoire several other arts including Qi Gung, Tai Chi, Muai Thai, Boxing and Wushu. Her yoga, focused for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, is a unique infusion of all her experience in yoga (including posture work with Karen Chapman who teaches Alexander technique) and martial arts. Her approach to BJJ is a mix of all her teachers with a twist of her own, she likes to help her students link the techniques and give them little details.

    Emanuela loves her cold brew in summer and espresso in winter, she is also an artist and loves to paint with oils.








    Justin Bennetts

    BJJ Instructor – Brown Belt – Adult & Kids

    2001 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Will Machado Brisbane – Ken Dunstan
    2003 BJJ Blue belt from Ken Dunston & John Will
    2003 – 2007 The Centre – John Bastible – Muai Thai
    2005 – 2008 Roberto Traven / Eduardo Diaz – Garra Jiu Jitsu – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    2008 – 2013 Training at Universal MMA (now Lions MMA) – Canada – in Muay Thai, MMA, Wrestling, BJJ
    2013 Gold CBJJF Western Canadian Open Blue Belt/Gi/Light/Adult
    2013 Gold CBJJF Roots Challenge Blue Belt/Gi/Light/Master
    2013 Western Canadian Open Champion in Blue Belt
    2014 – 2016 Fight Club McKay – Henry Walpole
    2015 Gold QBJJC East Coast Championship Blue Belt/NoGi/Light/Master
    2015 Silver QBJJC East Coast Championship Blue Belt/Gi/Light/Master
    2016 Purple Belt from Henry Walpole and Daniel Lima
    2016 Silver QBJJC CQ Championship Purple Belt/NoGi/Open Weight/Master
    2016 Silver QBJJC Sunshine Coast Championship Purple Belt/NoGi/Light/Master
    2016 Gold QBJJC Sunshine Coast Championship Purple Belt/Gi/Light/Master
    2016 AIPT Certificate 3 and 4 in Personal Training (to be completed November 2016)






    Luke Coyle

    BJJ Instructor
    Trained Karate as a teenager
    2001 – Began Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    2006 – Blue Belt under Matthew Cooper – Advance MMA 
    2016 – Purple Belt under Anker Fuglsang

    2017 – Began teaching at Arte Suave








    Michael Bromley

    BJJ Instructor

    20072015 – Ukidokan Kickboxing – under Nadine Champion
    2013 – Began BJJ – UFC Gym Sydney
    2014 – Blue Belt under Dave Nagel – UFC Gym
    2015 – Began Training at Arte Suave
    2016 – Purple Belt – Under Jean Jacques Machado – Progressive Martial Arts
    2017 – Began coaching at Arte Suave








    Alexander Maslov

    Primal Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer

    2009 – April 2010 – Coach – Special Olympics, Santa Ana, Costa Rica
    2012 – Burnaby Lake Rugby Club – Senior Athletic Trainer
    2014-2015 – Athletic Trainer – Coquitlam Adanacs Lacrosse, Coquitlam, B.C
    2014-2015 – Athletic Trainer – Burnaby North Girls Rugby, Burnaby, B.C
    2015 – Batchelor of Science. Minor: Kinesiology Minor: Psychology – SFU
    2016 – Doctor of Medicine – UQ – Anticipated Graduation Date: November, 2019
    2016 – began BJJ at Arte Suave
    2016 – present – Athletic Trainer – University of Queensland Rugby Football Club
    2017 – Began coaching Primal Conditioning at Arte Suave


    Piers Kwan

    Primal Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer, Head Coach at Queensland Kettlebells.


    Rachel Kwan

    Primal Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer, Coach at Queensland Kettlebells



    Hayden Morison

    Taijutsu Brisbane – Instructor

    Self Defence & Martial Arts – Brisbane Australia

    ‘Godan’ (5th Deg) Black Belt – Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu
    1st Degree Black Belt – Toshindo
    Blue Belt – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    Winner MMA ‘Soul Fighting Championship’ 2014 80kg
    Certificate III – Security Operations

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