The Yoga you will experience at Arte Suave have been developed by the AS founder, Emanuela D’Annibale.

Drawing from her extensive background in Yoga and Martial Arts, these classes emphasize flexibility, posture, rejuvenation, mindfulness, and strength to complement your BJJ training.

Emanuela’s expertise stems from her training in Kung Fu (Xing Yi) and Qi Gong under Fei Wang, as well as her studies in Alexander Technique with Karen Chapman.

Her personal Yoga journey, which commenced in 1999 under her mentor Deborah Carey-Burrows, spans over 11 years. Emanuela’s classes are intimate, offering a personalized experience designed to open and nurture your heart, mind, and body.

*Our Yoga Classes are available exclusively to our BJJ Students. Students can book through their MindBody App. Yoga is not available as part of our 3 Class Pass BJJ Trial

The Benefits of Yoga for BJJ

  1. Flexibility: Yoga enhances overall flexibility, which can be particularly beneficial in BJJ where a wide range of movements and positions are involved.
  2. Balance and Coordination: Yoga emphasizes balance and coordination, skills that are valuable for BJJ practitioners when maneuvering on the ground or defending against opponents.
  3. Strength Building: Certain yoga poses engage and strengthen various muscle groups, contributing to improved overall strength that can complement the physical demands of BJJ.
  4. Injury Prevention: Yoga promotes body awareness and helps prevent injuries by addressing imbalances, promoting proper alignment, and increasing joint mobility.
  5. Focus and Mental Clarity: The mindfulness aspects of yoga, including breath control and meditation, can enhance mental focus and clarity, valuable attributes in the strategic and tactical aspects of BJJ.
  6. Stress Reduction: Both BJJ and yoga offer stress-relieving benefits. The combination of the two practices can be particularly effective in managing the physical and mental stresses associated with training.
  7. Recovery: Yoga can aid in the recovery process by promoting relaxation and improving circulation, potentially reducing muscle soreness and enhancing overall recovery between BJJ sessions.
  8. Breath Control: Controlled breathing in yoga translates well to BJJ, helping practitioners stay calm and focused during intense grappling situations.

Ready To Begin?

  • Community Feel

    Community Feel

    Immerse yourself with likeminded individuals who are committed to help each other succeed.
  • Female Friendly

    Safe & Inclusive

    Arte Suave upholds strong values around safety, respect and kindness. Discrimination or any form of bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Strict Rules

    Strict Rules

    Respect and discipline are fundamental aspects of BJJ practice and are promoted and enforced in the academy at all times.
  • Blue Card Certified

    Blue Card Certified

    All trainers are Blue Card certified, meaning they are recognised for their rank and their ability to work with children.