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Academy Code of Conduct

In order to ensure we keep the environment that we all love, below is our Code of Conduct:

1. Always be respectful, considerate and courteous of others. Leave your ego at the door. Arte Suave is about respect for yourself and others, your ego will only get in the way of your growth.

2. No foul language or yelling, control your temper and exercise self-control, if you can’t, walk away from the situation.

3. Electronic devices in the academy must be turned off or to silent as you enter.

4. You MUST book for all of your classes online with Mindbody Connect. You will have been assigned a username and password. If for some reason it doesn’t work, email, text or call to let us know.

5. Off the mats you must wear shoes, absolutely NO shoes on the white mats ever. Keep feet clean. If you go off the mat with your bare feet you MUST wipe them when you go back on. You must wear shoes/thongs when going to the toilet, at all times, wash your hands.

6. If you have come straight from work and you need a shower, please do so as a courtesy for your training partners before class, you are allowed to be a little late for class for this.

7. Pick up after yourself, leave you area neat and tidy and as you found it. Leave bags and bulky items etc in bag holders, not on the ground. All shelves will be cleared at the end of the day, make sure you take everything with you.

8. Be mindful of your physical limitations, please advise of any medical conditions BEFORE training.

BJJ & Yoga etiquette


1. Always bow as you enter and leave the BJJ training area.

2. All black belts are to be called professor.

3. If a black belt steps on the mat before class has commenced, you must address him or her immediately by bowing to them and introducing yourself.

4. When you step on the mats, bow and then introduce yourself to the teacher and the rest of the students in order of rank ie black belt first, then brown, purple, blue and white.

5. Ask permission from your instructor before you leave the mat.

6. No bright colored nail polish as it stains our mats. Only clear or neutral colours.

7. Remove ALL jewellery before training.

8. Your belt signifies your accomplishments, keep it on at all times during class.

9. No coaching your children or other students during class.

10. Keep your nails and toenails short and clean, be aware of hygiene, inappropriate body odour is offensive. All students must wear clean uniforms at all times.

11. Always wear a rash guard / compression shirt.

12. For gradings and seminars, Gi’s must be white. If you don’t have a white Gi you can hire one from us.

13. If you are injured during class and / or begin to bleed, immediately tend to the wound, to avoid having the blood come into contact with other students and to avoid infection. If you decide to continue training, make sure the bleeding has stopped and the wound is covered. Clean up any blood on the mat immediately.

14. No food or drink on the mat, you must keep your water and any drink off the mat. Glass bottles are not to be kept at the edge of the mats as they can be tipped and shatter.

15. Respect the tap, to avoid any injury, if your partner taps, release immediately and safely. If you find yourself in a submission and are unsure you can defend it, tap immediately. If you can’t tap with your hand, tap with your foot or call out “Tap”.

16. Do not talk during a sparring round, unless you and your partner have a mutual agreement to do so.

17. If your instructor is teaching a particular technique, do not deviate or improvise, drill the move until your instructor advises you otherwise.

18. If you want to try a new technique that you have not learnt in class, make sure you try it outside class and with a higher belt to avoid unnecessary injury to yourself and others.

19. Make it a point to be in class on time, dressed and ready to participate in warm ups at least 5 minutes before class is to begin. If your schedule conflicts or you are inevitably late, let your instructor and the academy know as soon as you know. If you are late, wait till the instructor is free then approach them and ask if it’s alright join the class. You must still warm up before you start the class to avoid injury.

20. During live sparring in BJJ, lower ranked must make way for higher ranked students. In the event that two sets of training partners collide or come close to collision.

21. When using the Gravity room or any equipment in the Primal Conditioning areas, please leave as you found it.


1. If the Yoga room door is closed it means there is a class in progress, please be mindful when on the mat of this and try and keep noise down.

2. When entering the yoga room please keep noise levels to a minimum, if you are going to be late, let your instructor know as soon as possible and be as quiet as you can when you walk in.

3. When class is finished, wipe your mat with the wipes provided and tidy your area.


MindBody Connect

Every Arte Suave student is assigned a MindBody Connect account. We use this to track class attendance. All new members are registered with Mindbody Connect and are assigned a username and password. Please register for your classes before you come in using Mindbody Connect online, or by downloading the application Android / Apple.

If you have any questions about the Mindbody application let us know prior to your next class.

BJJ General System of Graduation

Waiver of Liability Agreeement

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