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  • Why Join Arte Suave

    Our Community

    The Arte Suave community is a mix of cultures, languages, and learning all bound by the shared values of kindness, social connection, team work, and healthy competition.

    Whether you’re seeking a safe and inclusive space to embark on your BJJ journey or aiming to refine your skills under the guidance of our renowned instructors, Arte Suave is the ideal destination for you.

  • Why Join Arte Suave

    Our Trainers

    The team at Arte Suave are a blend of backgrounds and passion, comprising coaches from all over the world, each bringing their unique expertise and personality to our community.

    United by a focus on sportsmanship, humility, and discipline both on and off the mats, the Arte Suave team represents the core of our advantage. This multifaceted coaching and admin staff not only enhances the learning experience but also embodies the inclusive and dynamic spirit of Arte Suave.

  • Why Join Arte Suave

    Our Facilities

    Arte Suave integrates various complementary services to elevate individual health and performance. These include the Bulletproof for BJJ program, bouldering, personalized training, yoga and private lessons.

    The Academy’s expansive facilities, covering over 650 square meters, include three distinct mat areas, a weights area, retail store, bouldering space, resident physiotherapist plus a communal lounge area.

Our Members

Arte Suave's fantastic gym for anyone into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, from newcomers to the advanced. The coaching is great, and I really liked the mixture of new and old teaching styles. Emanuela's kindness and welcoming attitude made me feel at home right away, creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere. The space is also well-maintained, and the sense of community is very strong. I'd highly recommend it if you're looking to train in Brisbane!
Daniel L.
Daniel L.
22:09 15 Jul 24
The best gym I've trained at in my BJJ journey. A welcoming environment made by dedicated teachers and passionate students. Anyone lucky enough to find themselves here will fast track their training and have the best time while doing it!
Nathan K.
Nathan K.
07:27 15 Jul 24
Arte Suave is a truly an amazing Brazilian Jiu jitsu gym for everyone from the average person looking to learn BJJ, to the competitor looking to receive high level coaching in a good gym culture.The best aspect about this is first and foremost the culture and ethics of the gym, unlike a lot of other BJJ gyms there isn't any lock in contracts, hidden (or hidden increasing) fees, pressure to buy gym specific gear, or other dodgy behavior. The culture is positive and supportive of everyone's individual goals whether that's competing or not.I have had a few personal instances where the gym owner has acted with integrity and proactively identified and addressed problems affecting my billing or other smaller issues.I would strongly recommend this gym to anyone looking for a BJJ gym whether you're new or coming from an experienced background.
Riley H.
Riley H.
03:29 01 Jun 24
I’ve been training at Arte Suave for a little over a year now and can honestly say it’s amazing. The standard of teaching is incredible, with 3 high level black belts, supported by multiple competition coloured belts and visiting coaches. I learn something new every day and enjoy the mental and physical workout I get from each class. For me though, the culture is the main draw. Emanuela has done a fantastic job of building a welcoming and inclusive community, full of people from all walks of life, coming together to share their love of jiu jitsu. I can’t recommend this place enough.
James B.
James B.
07:59 19 May 24
Love this place! My son adores his coaches - they’re very patient and great with encouraging each individual student to do their best. Emmanuela has built a beautiful community that we feel lucky to be a part of.
Lauren A.
Lauren A.
11:09 14 May 24
Best gym in Brisbane and no one can change my mind. Excellent selection of coaches. Plenty high quality classes to choose from. Nicest look gym as well. Owner is lovely
Dee !
Dee !
08:26 11 May 24
Arte Suave is a fantastic place to train, with the best coaches, awesome community and great facilities.
Terry F
Terry F
07:15 07 May 24
The best BJJ academy I've ever attended. A gym where you can learn technique in good vibes. As a beginner, I've found it a lot easier for me to follow as there are patient coaches who guide me thru, also, good training partners
Winsy L.
Winsy L.
10:53 30 Apr 24
Amazing academy. Make you feel welcome from day one. All the teachers are great at what they do. Highly recommend.
Jack L.
Jack L.
10:24 30 Apr 24
Great people and atmosphere. Love it. 💪
Jonathan Gonzalez G.
Jonathan Gonzalez G.
06:39 26 Apr 24

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